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International Marketing and Sales Management: Dunnes Stores


Darbas anglų kalba. Parduotuvių tinklas "Dunnes Stores". Introduction. Research objectives. Industry profile. Company profile. Country profile. Research methodology. Profile of Dunnes Stores. History of Ben Dunne. Industry profilei. Profile of Spain. Economic of Spain. Gross domestic product. Labour force. Industries. Exports. Imports. Social/cultural. Demographics. Dunnes Stores entry to Spain’s market. Conclusion .


The company we have chosen for our project is Dunnes Stores. We chose Dunnes Stores because it is an Irish company and has been in existence since 1944 and it is one of the biggest retailers in Ireland.

Dunnes Stores were the first supermarket to build a large stores and not in a city centre when they opened their Cornelscourt Shopping Mall in 1966.

II. Research Objectives
The objectives of the project are the answers to the following:

A. Industry Profile:
This involves information about Dunnes Stores’ competitors and why they need to expand their stores in the future.

B. Company Profile:
This involves information about the history, product/service and where Dunnes Stores is located as well as the number of people employed in the firm.

C. Country Profile:
This is information on Spain where Dunnes Stores is located. It gives the background of Spain and how Dunnes Stores is adapting to a different culture.

III. Research Methodology
Our project was mainly based on Secondary Data. We got our information from various databases through the Athlone I.T. Library Database Link. An example of some of these Databases are Infotrack, Data Monitor and Fact Finder. We were unsure how to find the databases so we made an appointment with the Librarian so that he could assist us with the information required for the project. ...

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