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Ukrainian Gen-sets Market. Market research for DEIF A/S


Darbas anglų kalba. Rinkodaros tyrimas. Ukrainos rinka. Ar DEIF kompanijos produkcija tinkama Ukrainos rinkai? DEIF kompanija (Danijoje) užsiima programavimu į generatorius, kurie gali būti naudojami vėjo malūnams (kazino, stadionuose, ligoninėse) kai dingsta elektra "juodasis laikotarpis". Pagrindinis uždavinys: Ar DEIF kompanijai verta bandyti įeiti į Ukrainos rinką? Chapter I – Executive summary and introduction. Executive summary. Introduction. Chapter II – Introduction. DEIF A/S presentation. DEIF. Engine and Gen-set Controls. Purpose of the project. Chapter III - Macro environment analysis. PEST analysis. Political. Economic Factors. Social. Technology. Conclusions. Chapter IV - Micro environment analysis. Supply chain. Suppliers. Manufacturers. Sellers. Customers. Conclusions. End-customers of gen-sets. Introduction. Hotels. Hospitals (health clinics). Banks. Airports in Ukraine. Telecommunication and communication. Shipbuilding companies. Casinos. Metro. Pipelines. Stadiums. Conclusions. Exhibitions and shows in Ukraine in 2009. Introduction. Power and Energy exhibitions. Other exhibitions. Marine Exhibition in Odessa. Conclusions. Power-supply market in Ukraine. Market characteristic. Controllers. Engines. List of companies. Conclusions. Porter’s 5 force. Introudction. The threat of substitute products. The threat of the entry of new competitors. The intensity of competitive rivalry. The bargaining power of customers. The bargaining power of suppliers. Conclusions. SWOT analysis. Strengths. Weaknesses. Opportunities. Threats. Conclusion. Chapter V – Market Strategy. STP. Market segmentation. Market size estimation. Target groups. Positioning. Conclusions. Entry mode strategy. Introduction. Hierarchical models. Intermediate models. Export models. Subcontracting strategy. Conclusions. Ansoff’s growth strategies. Marketing mix. Product. Price. Place. Promotion. Conclusions. Chapter VI - Summary and Appendix. Summary. Appendix. Project description. Appendix for Chapter. End-customers of gen-sets. Appendix for Chapter. Exhibitions and shows in Ukraine. Appendix for Chapter. Power-supply market in Ukraine. Appendix for Chapter. Porter’s 5 force. Process report.


Background :
As business students, we are very interested in market researches. So, the final project was a good opportunity to practice and improve our knowledge about the surveys. Moreover, we wanted to work in collaboration with a company to make a concrete and a useful project. That’s why we were very interesting in the demand of the company DEIF. Indeed, this project was made at the demand of the company DEIF. The company DEIF designs and produces control and instrumentation products to be used with decentralized power production like gen-sets, and also ships and wind turbines. The aim was to make a survey on the gen-sets market in Ukraine. The aim of the project was of course to know if it can be a good opportunity for DEIF to go into the Ukrainian market. Moreover, the Ukrainian market presented for us a good occasion to learn more about one the most populated countries of Eastern Europe that started, on an economical side, to emerge few years ago.
Problem :
So, our main purpose was to answer the following question: "Is it a good opportunity for the company DEIF to go into the Ukrainian market?" To answer this question we had to present objective account for advantages and disadvantages, by using some methods, models and theories of strategic marketing. And to answer this main question we needed to answer at the following smaller questions:
• What is the current market situation of DEIF?
• Is Ukraine a good country to make a business?
• Is there market/demand for DEIF products?
• Who are the main competitors?
• What is current situation on Ukrainian market?
• Which segments DEIF should target?
• What are the best methods/strategies for enter Ukrainian market by DEIF?

Delimitations :
• We will cover only the things that are connected to the gen-sets market.
• We will cover only the Ukrainian market.
• We will not cover the elements relating to prices of the DEIF products.
• We will not cover the financial analysis of the company DEIF.
• We will not cover the economic activity of DEIF
• We will not cover the consumer behavior because we are in a B to B market
• We will not cover the elements relating to supermarkets in the analysis of potential customers.
• We will not cover the elements relating to army in the analysis of potential customers.
• We will not make a very precise estimation of the market size because of the lack of information. ...

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