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Marketing research of solar energy market


Darbas anglų kalba. Saulės energijos rinka. Executive summary. Management conclusion. Analytical part. Project plan. Explanation of research design. Actual research and results. Why this energy should be used and chosen from all the other kinds of energy? Types of solar energy. Solar PV. Solar thermal. Concentrating solar thermal power. Photovoltaic world trends and it’s variations. Solar power PV companies. Solar power future vision. Solar Expansion in the Middle East. With that in mind, a number of solar projects have hit the ground running. Africa’s Future Solar Market. EU Renewable Electricity up to 2050. New hope of solar energy.


All the world’s economy, consumers and the public capital are suffering from constantly rising energy prices. This is because energy reserves are decreasing. According to International Energy Agency, oil reserves will last for only 46 years, gas reserves – for 66 years, uranium – for 49 years at the most ( http://www.iea.org/weo/docs/weo2011/factsheets.pdf). Also International Energy Agency admits that annual demand for energy will rise by 59% by 2030. This will result in the time duration of available supplies decreasing even further. This problem is also compounded by the growing need for energy in Asia and the increasing dependence on the crisis in regions of the Near East, where the largest deposits of oil and gas exist. Therefore, we should all switch to renewable energy and we will live in a healthier world.
"Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth. The solar energy that hits the earth’s surface in one hour is about the same as the amount consumed by all human activities in a year."(http://scienceray.com/technology/introduction-to-solar-pv-technology/).
Solar energy is amongst the very reliable and clean energy resources, and proves to be a viable alternative to fossil fuels that are currently responsible for polluting the environment and contributing to global warming. Solar energy is generated through various technologies viz. solar PV, solar thermal, concentrated solar thermal/power, and concentrated PV.
Solar power systems are comprised of solar modules, related power electronics, and other components. Solar panels are used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Solar compositions of arrays that comprise electric utility grids appear to be the wave of the future. The most important factors that stimulate the growth of solar power market on the whole are unpredictable fossil fuel prices, need for disassociation of dependence on fossil fuel imports from areas of political volatility, environmental concerns over the greenhouse gas emissions associated with fossil fuel use, government incentives, other support programs making solar power more cost competitive, and shift in consumer preference. A combination of economies of scale being realized in the manufacturing along with increases in the current prices for petroleum will drive solar energy adoption. ...

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